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Mobile devices have forced a radical shift in the way human beings deal with their day-to-day activities and how organizations service their customers. Earlier there was a clear distinction between internet, the intranet and internal corporate network. But today with miniature yet powerful mobile devices carrying data, sending e-mails, social networking, banking, gamming, downloading music and video, the situation is more like scrambled eggs. In a June 2012 report on Internet trends, Morgan Stanley predicted that by 2012 the number of smartphones shipped will exceed the total number of desktop and notebook PCs. Compact and relatively inexpensive, these devices can be used for many functions, including sending and receiving electronic mail, storing documents, delivering presentations and remotely accessing data.

Even before the advent of smartphones, malicious software and viruses were already a recognized threat to mobile devices. As of 2009, applications allowing users to view and manipulate financial accounts, auction listings, and shopping accounts linked to credit cards are becoming commonplace. Whether simple rogue text messages, fictitious billing scams or more malicious attacks using malware installed on the device, the number of attacks are increasing at an alarming rate-mobile malware increased by more than 45 percent in 2012. With less education about mobile threats and the lack of security on these devices, users seem more inclined to fall victim to them during mobile sessions.

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