Are Free Antivirus and Firewall Software Any Good? PDF Print E-mail

Free antivirus is one of the most in-demand downloadable software on the Net today. Even with the limited protection they offer, computer users still use them because they're free. There are actually good antivirus firewall software programs that can be downloaded for free.

Take a quick look at some of the antivirus firewall software programs that are actually reliable yet free.

AVG Free. AVG Free is one of the widely used free antivirus applications. It has real-time threat scanner and checks out which website is safe to visit and which has a possible threat (for Internet Explorer and Firefox only). It updates regularly and does not require large system resources.

Avira Antivir. This is a technical user's choice of antivirus program. The average computer user may find it not very easy to use because you have to be knowledgeable about some technical stuff to be able to use this. But, despite that, it is considered the most meticulous in protecting your computer and also the fastest.

Avast! 24.8 Home Edition. It has all the features that the commercial Avast! Antivirus program has. It is good in protecting your computer and detecting possible malware, though it may not be as good or as aggressive as Avira Antivir.

Microsoft Security Essentials. This is easy to use since it is like a part already of your operating system. Being a product of Microsoft, it integrates very smoothly into any Windows version that it is compatible with. It is good in detecting Trojan viruses, malware, rootkits, and spyware. It has a quick and very detailed protection against these threats. This is completely free only for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 genuine operating systems.

For free firewall solutions that are reliable, you can check out Comodo Personal Firewall and Online Armour Personal Firewall.

Comodo Personal Firewall. Though it is free, the duration of free use is only 30 days after installation. So, within that time span you need to register and activate the license. Once installed, it immediately does its purpose, thus configuring or setting it from time to time is not needed.

Online Armour Personal Firewall. The quality of its protection is so good that it leveled its performance with well known firewall programs. Another good thing about this one is that it does not require heavy system requirements.

These free antivirus firewall software programs are reliable when it comes to threat detection and protection. Just make sure that the site you are downloading these programs from don't have spyware or any malware. Visit only trusted sites, or better yet, download them from their official websites.

It is well-known that the computer will gradually slow down as time passes. But it is not normal that a computer runs as slow as a crawl. Actually, many computer users are suffering a crawl computer and few of them know how to solve the problem.

Let me tell you why you computer becomes so slow. Think about the time your computer is running and how much time you spend on maintaining your computer. I guess it must be a small percentage. You see it is a key that you do need to speed some time on your computer security and do not ignore security.

To regain good performance for your slow computer, you can learn the following methods about how to speed up your slow computers and maybe some method is new to you.

1. Delete most of your booting items. Only remain those items you will use every time you use your computer. By this way, you can also shorten the time your computer takes to start up. You have to check booting items regularly, because you may not ware of some software adding to startup automatically.

2. Do not install or run too many programs in your computer, as they will certainly take up some space. I know many people will forget downloading kinds of software in their computers. Now go and see what programs you have, and remove those rarely-used or those never used.

3. Get a reliable antivirus tool to protect your computer. Moreover, you had better set the antivirus software as automatic update, so you can get real-time protection. The virus is one of the common factor that turns computers to a crawl.

4. Back up important files for fear that you lose them when they are infected by viruses. You can store important files in a USB device. Some antivirus programs will remove those files infected by viruses. You prevent such terrible things happening.


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