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Nowadays there has been a rise in the number of viruses that have been affecting the computer systems. Due to this a lot of people are losing valuable data on a daily basis. If you don't take up measure to protect your computer system anyone can hack into it and corrupt your data. This is why it is essential that you protect your computer at all times. You should consider using antivirus firewall software as it will help you give overall protection to your computer. There are so many way by which you can protect your computer system from the numerous Trojans and viruses out there. it is imperative that you give ample amount of protection to your computer system whether it is being used for domestic or professional purposes. You should make it a point to look for reliable antivirus firewall software. As the use of internet has increase it has become very easy for hackers to get hold of any kind of data online. This is why it is very important for everyone to protect all their personal and valuable data.

An antivirus detects all the unwanted viruses that enter the system and a firewall help to protect all the network data. This basically means that if you install antivirus firewall software, you will be giving your computer full protection from any kind of malicious and unwanted software's. No one can afford to lose whatever they save on their computer so you should consider installing the best software if you want overall protection. This software's are not very expensive if you buy these from the right person. a good antivirus will keep updating from time to time and it will also display all the necessary updates. It will display reminders when it is nearing the expiry date so you can make the necessary arraignments.

You can even download these for free from the internet on a trial basis. This will help you get an idea about how it works. If it is not convenient you can switch on to another one. The best benefit of installing antivirus firewall software is that you don't have to bother about the protection of the computer system once it is installed. You can keep making the necessary updates. You can even download the paid version from the internet. You will get this at decent rates if you shop around a bit. You need to make sure that you install the right one because you cannot afford to take chances with the protection of the computer system. It is easy to install and even a technically challenged person can install and use it.

It is a must for every computer or laptop to have some kind of antivirus software. Without it your computer will be open to all kinds of virus attacks and threats. Viruses usually corrupt your computer when it is connected to a network or to some external device that has already been corrupted like a flash drive or hard disk. Viruses, worms, bacteria, rabbits etc are different kinds of unwanted programs that infect the computer and cause hindrance in its normal functioning. To avoid this and to protect your computer from being infected and to ensure its smooth working you need to install a good antivirus software that will detect viruses and either delete or repair corrupt virus files.

Firewall software acts as a gateway. It usually consists of a set of routers between the machine and network. The firewall is of four different types. Application gateway, packet filter gateway, circuit level gateway and proxy server. The most basic firewall is the packet filter firewall. A packet filter firewall filters packets coming into and going out of the machine based on user configuration. If a certain packet does not fit into previously defined user configuration then it is discarded. For example the packet contains some information about the packet. So if the user has blocked a certain port number or IP address all packets coming from that port number or IP address will be discarded. A circuit level firewall does security checkup when the TCP or UDP connection is being set up between host and network. No further checking is done after connection setup. An application level firewall works at the application level. It is used for filtering required by higher level protocols like telnet, FTP, HTTP etc. It is more reliable and efficient than packet filter firewall. Application level gateway helps check mails as well and keeps unwanted or harmful date out of the system by preventing its entry.

A proxy server is kind of a relay server. When you make any request for a website this is sent to the proxy server. The proxy server then relays this request to a main server which in turn looks up the address and sends the corresponding IP to the proxy server. The proxy server then relays back this information to the client who requested the address. A Proxy thus acts as a firewall between machine and network. You can adjust proxy server settings according to your own needs. Thus a firewall works as an antivirus by protecting your machine from getting infected. It is one of the most efficient desktop security mechanisms available for computer security. Apart from providing security a firewall system can also be used to setup drive backup software. It can help filter sensitive data and store it in a backup system which can be retrieved whenever necessary. Depending on your needs you can choose between any of the types of firewalls. For a local network or office internal network packet filter can be ideal. For external networks application gateways and proxy servers are a must.

A firewall provides excellent security and it is flexible enough to be configured according to user requirements and specifications. It keeps out unwanted packets, data and content. So if security is a concern do not forget to install the latest firewall software to keep your computer virus free and fully functional.


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