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What is a Rescue CD?

A rescue antivirus CD is a bootable CD (or DVD) with built in antivirus scanners. These CDs are perfect for scanning your computer for viruses without loading Windows or your other operating system software.

Many of the nastiest viruses are designed to corrupt critical Windows system files and they can really wreak havoc on a machine. Many of the viruses manipulate Windows files and prevent you from running applications, installing new programs, and updating or running antivirus or malware scans. Many viruses will cause your system to crash and reboot randomly while you desperately try to save your files and your computer. Some can even prevent you from properly booting your computer up into Windows or other operating systems all together.
Even if you decide to cut your losses and format your hard drive and reinstall your operating system, you'll want to back up and copy any critical documents, photos or other vital files before you do so. Usually this is next to impossible with a nasty virus preventing you from using Windows normally.

A bootable rescue CD can be the perfect tool in these situations. A rescue CD contains its own operating system that can run directly from the CD without installing anything to your hard drive. This allows you to run a virus scan without booting up Windows or your operating system where the virus is probably designed to do the most damage. Some CDs will also allow you to get access to your hard drive and back up critical data without the need to boot into Windows!

A bootable antivirus rescue CD just might be the answer to your computer prayers one day. In this lens I list my favorite antivirus bootable rescue CDs. Want to know the very best part? They are all absolutely FREE!

Why Do I Need a Bootable Rescue CD?

It just might save your neck one day!

As I've mentioned many of the viruses and malware lurking out there in today's high tech world are getting very advanced. I'm certainly not a computer expert, but I know much more about computers than the casual computer user. I am constantly fixing computers and removing viruses for friends, family, colleagues and even some paid clients now and then. I've been through the entire process dozens of times and I've seen a drastic change in viruses and malware within the past three to five years.

Cleaning a PC a few years ago was usually a pretty simple task easily accomplished with some intermediate knowledge and access to typical antivirus software and removal tools. Infections were generally much more easily prevented and removed compared to what I've seen lately.

Viruses today are much more easily obtained and they are also a lot more difficult for typical antivirus and antimalware software to find and remove. It used to be a computer user needed to foolishly download and run an executable file to get an infection. Today infecting your computer with a virus or malware is often as simple as clicking on the wrong link in an email or simply visiting the wrong website. Many of them are even ahead of the virus and malware detection signatures that are used by most common antivirus programs today. That's right, despite active antivirus programs and real time protection, some malware can still sneak past your defenses and infect your system.

Once they've found their way onto your system the modern computer virus or malware is much more malicous and much more difficult to remove. The virus can simply hide in wait, or it can start making changes to your system right under your nose if you aren't properly protected. I recently helped a friend recover from a particularly nasty virus infection and a free bootable antivirus rescue CD was just what the Doctor ordered!


What does "bootable" mean? Why is that so important?

No matter how frustrated you are, bootable does NOT mean we'll be kicking your computer. =)

"Boot" is basically another way of saying "start up". The term "bootable" simply means you "boot" or start your computer with the actual CD or DVD rather than the hard drive your computer usually starts from.

Normally when you boot up your computer it loads your operating system software, like Windows, from files stored on your hard drive. If a virus is preventing your operating system from loading or properly functioning, it basically cripples your computer. Having the ability to boot up your computer and access your hard drive outside of Windows can be crucial to recovering from a virus infection and getting back to work, play, or even just rescuing your vital data.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10

The Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 is a free bootable antivirus disc from security and antivirus software great, Kaspersky Lab. This simple no frills antivirus rescue disk may lack some of the special features and extras found in other discs, but it does its job well. The intuitive and attractive graphical interface makes this disk very easy to use for the computer novice.

Another very important benefit of this rescue disk is that it can be updated with the latest antivirus definitions as long as the infected machine still has access to the internet.


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