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There's a reason why your computer is called a personal computer, it's because you attach so much of yourself to your computer. You have your entire office work, leisure items and products, family stuff, photographs, schedules, phone numbers, email etc all on your computer. When you depend so heavily on a certain machine it becomes imperative for you to care about its protection. You never know how or when your computer may become sick and catch a virus! However this does happen, and when it does you may end up losing all your important work and documents. Hence it is always the best to keep an antivirus shield on always.

You may have to select your antivirus depending on the type of work performed on your computer. There are many ways of inflicting harmful viruses onto your computer. They can be downloaded via the internet, transferred via a pen or external hard disk, etc. if you are constantly downloading stuff onto your compute you may require using a more powerful versions of the anti viruses available. You must have an antivirus that deals with not only eradicating the viruses completely, but it must also stop the viruses from multiplying and leaving behind any traces.

You can download them freely from the internet. You may have to use a search engine to locate such files. However these free versions are less potent. You may require constant upgrading to be completely secure. You may also purchase a finer and more capable version from these websites.

Antiviruses are extremely important if you value your computer. They protect the computer from all damage that virus can cause. If you have a computer that you see often, be wise and get the best antivirus there is.

You want to find best Antivirus software? Then you are wrong at the beginning. Everyone wants to gain best protection to his/her PC so the following topics are very hot: What antivirus protection/software should I buy, What is the best antivirus, best antivirus review...

In fact, all antivirus programs are all pre-defined solutions to deal with viruses so some latest viruses that are beyond antivirus programs' pre-definition can escape from the antivirus programs or even block/disable the antivirus protection. The prevailing and notorious av.exe virus and its variety are typical examples to show you the fact that you can't never dream of any so-called best antivirus software to let you be free from viruses all the time.

In addition, like a double-edged sword, antivirus software will sometimes cause trouble to you. The cases are possible like the following:

1) The antivirus tool slows down your PC greatly;

2) The newly installed antivirus tool is not compatible to your PC and it causes blue screen of death or make all shortcuts on your desktop disappear;

3) there used to be an important event that a famous antivirus program in the industry falsely recognized a core system file as a virus and killed the file so many software users' computers crashed at that time;

4) Every antivirus tool has false positive rate so it is possible that the antivirus tool will make your safe and useful application not work smoothly and bring panic to you...

Based on the above facts, it can make a conclusion that antivirus software doesn't mean safe always. Every operating system is unique inside so the best antivirus to others may mean worst to you. Fortunately, almost all antivirus applications offer free trial version and you can test them first and then decide which one is suitable to your PC. That is the reason why we said Not Best but Suitable in the title.

But if you are still bothered by the viruses and since you can't completely be free from the viruses by using antivirus software only, what you shall do?

You will need to learn how to remove virus manually and then manually find out and delete malicious program files, processes,.dll files and registry entries with random name created by the virus. If you don't know how to handle with the manual procedure, you will need to find some experienced people to help you, otherwise, you may damage your PC more seriously than the virus actually do on your PC.


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