Tuesday, 07 December 2010
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Cool Phones

Jimmy Hendrick: Well the Vivaz certainly fits my criteria as a cool phone. I’ve been searching around for the best cool phones in the market, it’s just that the phone isn’t really in the market yet, so I guess I’ll have to wait a little more prior to the release.

Alexandria Elliot: I just love the BACKFLIP cool phones! I’ve always wanted something like this – I just hope that someone will give me one for my birthday though!

James Perry: I’m a Nokia fan, and I always keep Nokia cool phones development close. Their X3 definitely is a phone that I will buy in the near future, as I really need to replace my trusty old phone with something rather extra-ordinary.

Gillian Jacky M.: Aha! It seems HTC has finally release news about their Google Nexus One cool phones! I will be expecting this particular phone soon. It has so much processing power, it puts all the netbooks and other MIDs in the market to shame!

J. T. Johnson: For a person like me, I like simply phones, and perhaps the Sony Ericsson Hazel GreenHeart will deliver good results for a simple user like me – just no hangs ok?!

P. Morgan: When Motorola released news of their revolutionary Motorola XT720 MOTOROI, I just thought that I ought to get one. Too bad this particular phone will not be available in America anytime soon – or else I would have gotten one already.
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