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ESET NOD32 AntivirusExperience ESET NOD32 Antivirus Benefits

  • Proactive Protection – ESET's smart ThreatSense® technology offers multiple layers of protection with precise identification of even never-seen-before forms of malware.
  • Built for Speed – ESET NOD32 Antivirus is lightning fast and operates smoothly in the background, so you won’t even notice it’s there.
  • Easy on You – From its compact and intuitive user interface to its minimal use of alerts, you’ll be up and running in a snap without undue interruptions.
  • Seamless Updates – Security updates are discreetly sent to your computer, ensuring your defenses are always at their strongest.
With over 20 years of experience engineering security software, ESET brings you:

* Proactive Protection – Get real-time protection from known threats and proactive protection against unknown threats with Industry-leading technology.
* Peak Performance – Enjoy fast scanning and a low system footprint, so you won't compromise performance for protection.
* Simple Usability – Customize settings or create "set-and-forget" preferences to ensure ESET solutions adapt to your needs.

Get Proactive and Unparalleled Protection

Written in highly optimized code, ESET solutions are recognized as the most effective antimalware scanners in the industry. Having pioneered proactive protection, ESET effectively combines several detection methods to neutralize a broad range of malware, including emerging variants.

In addition to the powerful ESET ThreatSense® scanning engine, which detects and eliminates new threats before they can do any harm to your system, ESET solutions also feature a multi-layered approach to protection.

Virus Signatures – ESET technology significantly reduces the scanning time needed to identify any particular form of malware. Timely and automatic updates keep safe from the latest threats.

Code Analysis – ESET solutions enhance detection by analyzing files for any resemblance to known malicious code samples before virus signatures can be developed.

Generic Signatures –
ESET analysts develop generic signatures of malicious code to identify a broad range of malware – including variants – using one sample instead of hundreds of individual samples provide faster protection.

Emulation – Suspect code is monitored and quarantined to an isolated environment. Based on the code’s behavior, ThreatSense® then determines whether the given sample poses a threat and flags or eliminates the harmful applications before it can cause any damage.

Why ESET? Simply the best!

Find out what independent testing organizations compare when testing antivirus software and why they focus on those particular traits. See how ESET performs in these tests and where we excel — not to mention where the competition falls unforgivably short. Check out ESET's advantages and see what makes our solutions stand out from the crowd in the global Internet security market.

ESET has never missed an In-the-Wild virus

In-the-Wild viruses are real viruses that have been reported to Wildlist organizations by at least two independent reporters. ESET NOD32 Antivirus is the only solution in the world that has never missed an In-the-Wild virus since the inception of testing in May 1998.

ESET has the most Advanced + Awards in retrospective tests

ESET holds the record number of the highest Advanced+ awards in proactive detection by AV-Comparatives. No other vendor was able to match this achievement to date.

Proactive detection refers to the way ESET security solutions detect malicious programs that have not yet been discovered and catalogued. The scanning engine is trained to detect malware without relying on the updates of the antivirus signatures, i.e. catching malware by its intrinsic "malicious" behavior.

ESET has high proactive detection rates

Every day cyber criminals create thousands of new malware variants, making it difficult for an antivirus solution to strike the right balance between detecting these emerging threats and flagging legitimate programs. ESET’s unique ThreatSense® technology strikes this balance, closing the vulnerability to emerging threats while keeping false positives to a minimum.

ESET has low system impact

In June 2011 AV-Test reviewed the performance of 22 security solutions testing typical tasks, including download of different types of files, file copying, application install, application startup and others. 13 categories were tested and summarized in the "System Slowdown" category, leading with ESET.

Protection for Netbooks and Nettops

Netbooks are susceptible to security risks when using unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots on-the-go, especially if you use them for online surfing, shopping, and banking. Running an effective and proactive antimalware program on your netbook is critical to keeping your identity and data safe from hackers and thieves. Yet, with limited battery life and smaller memory, you need a security solution that keeps you safe without slowing you down.

Energy Conservation Mode Enables You to Work, Play Longer

ESET features a new automatic energy-sipping battery mode for netbooks that lets you work or play longer by consuming fewer resources, and can be further optimized to run fewer functions in the background.

Introducing Intelligent Firewall Profiles

Our firewall’s Learning Mode intelligently observes your network usage to help you save time by creating firewall rules. Now you can even pair a firewall profile with a network, so appropriate firewall rules are applied automatically whether you are working from your home network, a public Wi-Fi hotspot or your office network.

For Nettops

Nettops are exposed to the same threats as regular PCs, yet are restrained by more limited processing power and memory. Because energy and space efficiencies are an important part of nettop design, ESET security products help reduce processing power and memory use, so you can do what you want without experiencing slowdowns.

ESET Has Low System Impact

In June 2011 AV-Test reviewed the performance of 22 security solutions testing typical tasks, including download of different types of files, file copying, application install, application startup and others. 13 categories were tested and summarized in the "System Slowdown" category, leading with ESET.

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