Internet Security - How to Protect Yourself Print

The 21st century saw the dawning of the digital age. Man has invented one of the most powerful tools the world has ever seen: the Internet. In comparison to previous centuries, it has given Man boundless sources and amounts of information and knowledge. Now, through E-mails and instant messaging to name a few, the internet is the primary and preferred form of faster and more convenient connection. It gave birth to the concept of "social networking". Connecting and sharing with peers became even easier and more interactive in sites such as Facebook, Multiply and Friendster among others. With E-commerce, businesses can be converted for the online community for an updated and more convenient source of income. With just a simple click of a button, a customer from anywhere in the world can purchase goods and have them delivered at home. Also, orders and bills can now be paid instantly with online banking and real-time payment methods such as PayPal. Such ingenious concepts and methods were unheard of in the past decades. They are very beneficial and helpful. Still, even with all these developments, the Internet is not without issues and problems.

Using the features mentioned above requires the user to provide information about himself or herself. When signing up for an E-mail address, personal data must be submitted before the account can be approved by the provider. When purchasing an item from an online shop and configuring the shipping, the customer needs to fill-in the bank account information to pay for the charges. Doing all of these is very risky and dangerous. It becomes fatal when a hacker steals sensitive information from the user's computer or accounts.

Hackers are now very adaptive and evolving. They are getting more and more intelligent. Their purpose is to steal the information and use it for their own illegal agendas. Not only that, viruses, worms, bugs, spywares and other varieties of malware are very much an epidemic to the online community. The user is in constant threat of infection and having important information stolen or lost. Therefore, a very good and reliable Internet Security program should be of utmost priority.

Programs that protect the user from hackers and viruses are also called "Anti-Virus Software". They equip the user and the user's computer with necessary means of protection and defense from intruders with impenetrable firewalls, for instance. Once the Internet Security system is activated, the infecting virus is located and destroyed in the soonest time possible. Programs such as these can be bought online or at the nearest computer store.

Detection is not a guarantee for newly created viruses. That is why the companies that develop these Internet Security programs are constantly revising and updating their software to keep up with the growing list of intruders for immediate resolution. Having an updated program keeps the user from being a target of these malicious hackers and viruses especially when going online. It is of utmost importance to always be protected for safe and worry-free online transactions.

Anyone that spends time on the internet, knows the need a good reliable software to prevent viruses, Trojans, root kits and any other type of mal-ware that can harm the information contained on your computer or how it functions normally. For example: you have your Internet options setting set for "Do not allow pop-ups." And you visit a website with a free screen saver offer that you find irresistible so you download the screen saver and all the sudden all these windows are popping up all over your screen. This type up intrusion is referred to as ad-ware that by-pass your Internet settings and takes over your screen with all kinds of annoying ads.

There is a lot of popular Internet security software's in the stores and on the Internet most of them I personally have used or tested for a period of time. The one I refuse to give up and recommend to all who are willing to listen to my advice is Prevx. What is so great about this particular software? I had the privilege to beta test this program before it was ever offered to the general public for almost 18 months and have used it with every version of Windows starting with 98 up to the latest version of Windows 7 64bit without any incompatibility issues.

One thing that sets this software apart from most other anti-virus software is it does not use signature files to stop mal-ware from attacking your computer instead it checks for coding patterns in the information being received by your computer. This method is much more reliable than signature files due to a signature file is not created as soon as a new virus hits the Internet normally several thousand computers are infected before a signature file is added to the database that prevents your computer from being infected.

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