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When it comes to your family nothing is more important than protecting them, especially when it comes to your children. The internet can be a great tool, and provides you with a wealth of information, but it can also provide negative and harmful information as well. It is comforting to know that you can purchase internet safety software so that you can monitor the websites and information that your family members and children view, and protect them from inappropriate language or images that they might encounter.

There is an abundance of options for internet safety software available for Windows and Macintosh programs today. These programs can filter everything from websites to videos, email, and can allow you to set up limitations on what your children and family can use the internet for. In addition, it will prevent your children from playing games when they should be doing their homework, and you can register which websites or keywords that you prefer they not access.

This safety protection will allow you to block websites by category which makes it easy to use, and you can pick the search engines that you want everyone to use. You can also filter any videos your family can access on YouTube and through programs like Media player. Depending on which system you use, whether Windows or Macintosh, you will learn that you may be able to block unsavory media through applications like iTunes as well.

With the fray of social networking, everyone is jumping onto Facebook, but it can be used negatively by scam artists and pick-up artists alike. As a parent, you will be able to monitor when any sensitive information is posted and block particular social network sites. Facebook isn't the only site out there, so you might want to do some research before you set up your software to be sure it has you covered on all sites.

Internet safety software doesn't just allow you to check-up on gaming activity, websites and social networks, but it also allows you to keep track of other things. You will be able to monitor your family's email contacts, instant messaging programs, internet chat, and the dates and times in which they were on the computer and engaged in these programs and applications. The internet safety programs also allow you to get reports sent to your personal email when someone is trying to access inappropriate information, so that you can keep tabs on what is happening when you are not around.

There are several internet safety programs out there today, but be sure that before you buy it, that it covers all the areas you wish to keep tabs on. These programs range in price anywhere from $50 to $100, but your family's safety and well-being is priceless.

If you have been a victim of viruses coming from the Internet and you have countless cases of your Windows computer crashing and having the constant need to reformat your system in order to delete the viruses, then you should get yourself a reliable Windows antivirus. This article contains some of the world's top picks when it comes to great Windows antivirus.

The products are selected based on their performance on a system installed with a Windows 8 operating system.

(1) Norton Internet Security

In the world of antivirus software, Norton is already a big name. Symantec made sure this product of theirs would always provide computer users with the excellent protection they deserve. The only downside people saw in this product before was the effect it has on the performance of the computer since Norton would take up most of your computer's disk space. Today, however, that has been given attention to and Norton now has its performance evened out for all computer users.

(2) VIPRE Antivirus

You should know that this antivirus software made it to the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards as the Best Windows Antivirus. VIPRE offers a performance which is high in impact but does not hit your computer system with slowness. Its malware detection features is 100% certified to be reliable and the company even offers its customers with a money back guarantee which lasts for 30 days.

(3) 2013 Kaspersky Internet Security

When it comes to detection and deletion of all existing malware and for overall high performance and usability, Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 has been given the highest scores. The high scores it has been given earned it a spot in being one of the best Windows antivirus software around. It also does not take up too much of memory space when in use so it is the best choice for computers with older systems and for netbooks.

(4) ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

This antivirus software puts into combination both prevention of intrusion and malware and makes sure that your data will be protected especially in cases wherein your computer gets either lost or stolen.

Although included in this article's top picks, it would still be better if you would look up these Windows antivirus software first before deciding to purchase. Each year the top rated antivirus software companies try to outdo each other so what is best rated 6 months ago may not be today. Make sure the needs of your system will be met and that you would not have any problem when it comes to updates and memory usage.

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