First Defense Against Virus and Spyware Infections Print

Virus and spyware infections are serious threats that can escalate into a full-blown problem when unresolved. They do not only harm your PC but can also seriously damage your privacy and security. It is necessary that you put up your defenses against these malicious software programs to prevent them from entering your PC and invading your privacy.

There are several ways you can protect your PC and yourself from the threats of malicious software programs. Here are some of them that can serve as your first defense against virus and spyware infections:

  • Download a reliable anti-virus program and spyware removal tool from the internet. You have the option to choose from proprietary software or free software available for download. Get your protection only from trusted and reputable sites.

Malicious software programs are known to disguise themselves as anti-virus download or spyware removal software to lure you into downloading them. Be extremely cautious and careful in choosing your free tools and where to get these tools from.

  • Enable the real time protection of your anti-virus program as well as your spyware removal. Reliable security software programs are equipped to protect your computer in real time as you surf the internet. They will warn you of a possible threat in your pc along with their recommended action.

  • Update your security protection programs. While you can enable the automatic updating of your anti-virus and spyware removal programs, it is still important to back this up with your manual updating. Always see to it that you are running the latest version with an updated database for guaranteed protection.

  • Update your windows. Your operating system sends updates to your computer to patch vulnerabilities that virus and spyware can take advantage of. Be sure to install these security patches to serve as one of your first line defenses against malicious attacks and infections.

  • Clean your computer from junk. Your pc accumulates unnecessary files that can corrupt the registry of your PC and pull down its speed and performance. These junk files are also conducive to virus and spyware as their hideaway. Your windows operating system comes with free system tools such as disk cleanup and disk defragmented to clear your PC from clutter.

Your first line of defense will make it doubly difficult for virus and spyware to find an opening where they can unleash their malicious attacks. Under normal circumstances, your defense is enough to stop and prevent these malicious software programs to even start their attacks.

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