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Security has been a hot topic of late when discussing apps available on the Android platform. As the Android Market grows and grows, there have been more and more apps that pose a threat to the Android operating system. Recently, some apps were removed from the Android Market containing malware and raising concern over the vulnerability of the operating system. This is largely due Android's open nature. However, because of the Android's impressive OS, there are many security apps available that can prevent any damage from occurring. Many of these are very similar in features and functionality. With some security options charging upward of thirty dollars a year, it is important to research and decide on a single app that can protect your Android and avoid wasting money.

One award-winning security app is called Kaspersky Mobile Security. In addition to scanning for viruses, the free version allows users to locate a lost phone on a map and send out an alarm to give away its precise location. It also provides basic backup to phone contacts and data. Conveniently, it runs in the background preserving the always-important battery life. If interested in the premium edition for around thirty dollars per year, users get a privacy adviser, seamless data transfer, and data wipe functionality among other features.

AVG Mobilization is another primary security app available for the Android. While its free version has many similar features as the free Lookout app listed (content backup, phone location), they have their differences. For example, AVG provides the ability to remotely wipe and lock the device, which Lookout only allows through its paid version. With a one-time payment of around ten dollars, the paid app also permits users to scan SMS messages immediately to detect anything that could be potentially harmful.

McAfee WaveSecure is available for around twenty dollars per year, but lacks anti-virus protection -- a common feature in most security apps. However, it does provide some neat features. If WaveSecure is attempted to be removed from the phone, the phone will lock itself to prevent users from breaching the security. Also, when the Android is locked remotely, it can be triggered to display a customizable message (phone number, address, etc.) which could prove vital if it was lost.

Most of the aforementioned apps allow users to password-protect single applications on the Android. If looking for that ability without paying a premium yearly price, there are options available for a fraction of the cost. App Protector Pro, Perfect AppLock Pro, and Application Protection are just a few examples of apps available that will provide added app protection from unwelcome users.

With the vast amount of personal information that can be contained on an Android, paired with growing security threats, the importance of some form of security cannot be stressed enough. Whether anti-virus or data wipe is a primary concern, it is necessary to find a security app that fits your needs and protects your Android device.

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