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Internet security is a must for anyone whose computer is connected to the Internet but as far as businesses are concerned, safety measures must consist of a system that carefully checks all Internet activity going on with each computer in the network. In fact, not only is it necessary to monitor what sites are visited by users but there must be a record of these sites as well as the operations one has performed with each site. It is very important for these precautions to be taken seriously by every concerned e-businessman not just for maintaining the functions of the business itself but more especially as a way of assuring clients that their data are secure.

Having these security measures in place is a must and for whatever reason you've put them there, the point is to always ascertain that security tools being used are reliable enough to provide you with the level of security you need. Of course, there has to be a special department headed by a central administrator to manage the network especially regarding the use of the Internet of all computers within the company.

Any wise businessman will never underestimate the threats posed by such Internet threats as hacking, malware, keylogging and the like. These should be always a top concern because when the network is not protected, this can create a lot of problems beyond the security level. When customers begin to think that a business site is unsecured, they will of course avoid having anything to do with it and that will mean loss of sales. That's why computers within a business should always be protected right from the onset of threats.

When managing employees' web usage, it is important for management to consider that there could still be many of them who are unaware of the risks of visiting unsafe websites, especially when they download files which could possibly threaten the stability of their computers and the entire network. It is, thus, important for management to conduct a special session specifically intended for raising consciousness about these things among employees. For example, some of them may still be unaware about phishing emails. It is important that awareness is instilled in everyone using any of the network's computers to ensure that the site's security is not compromised. Again, securing the site is not only beneficial for the operational requirements of the business but more so for ensuring the safety of customers' information.

Needless to say, it is necessary for the central administrator to keep a backup of all important files within the organization just in case the network is, indeed, infiltrated by any online contaminant that seriously compromise the safety of the network. Basic online security measures such as firewalls and software that blocks every type of spyware should be installed.

An IP changing software is another indispensable tool that must be used. With this software, every computer on the network can surf anonymously and this significantly reduces the possibility of hacking which is, of course, one of the most serious Internet threats that any computer, personal or business, must keep at bay.


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