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When U3 technology first hit the market, it was meat with a good deal of skepticism. Many folks already had USB flash drives with 1 or 2 gigs of space to carry emails and documents, or transfer family photos from one PC to another. Why on earth would someone want to place software on a flash drive?

But "U-free" changed the attitude towards innovations which took the market of portable devices by storm. Now a flash drive of that very size can manage passwords, keep desktop settings, slideshow images, host a word processor and take care of PC security. PC Technicians who were fed up with bootable CD's and DVD's which needed frequent re-writing, welcomed the fruits of portable technology almost vigorously.

Nowadays it's hard to imagine a computer without several USB ports. However, U3 drives work just fine with USB 1.1. There's no need to search through BIOS settings to enable booting off of a CD. Updating anti-malware signatures via re-writing discs has gone forever. A modern U3 drive will serve many years, requiring the least maintenance on your part.

While it is still possible to make a bootable compact disc with a couple of antivirus applications, there's a tangible need for anti-spyware counterparts. In fact, only big names of long existing PC security software makers can be trusted these days. There are well over hundred fake anti-spyware tools which are meant to take control over computers. They are advertised as "must have" applications for every computer user. Imitating Windows message boxes, tooltips and balloons, such scams pretend to look legitimate software and cause the sense of trust on part of average users. I read such stories of "Windows anti-spyware pop-ups" every day on Yahoo! Answers.

So to choose a reliable desktop anti-spyware is a tough task by itself. But I find it important to have a U3-capable edition as well. For the sake of PC security and convenience, portable anti spyware can be considered a very good acquisition.

    1.It can be run on PC's on which Windows installation routine has been corrupted by malware. Smart little programs load up with Windows and attack installed stand-alone security applications preventing them from proper work (and it's very frustrating to see Internet Security software disabled due to unknown reason).
    2.It is updated way easier than CD's.
    3.Portable anti spyware doesn't require a CD-ROM, all it needs is USB port which are on every motherboard manufactured since the end of the last century. Old hardware supporting only USB 1.1 works fine, too.
    4.A software on a flash drive cannot be corrupted by malware because the program area is protected from writing access.
    5.It can be used to clean out as many computers as possible.

Over the last few years spyware has become a real problem of Internet-connected computers. Often popular antivirus suites (Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, etc) fail to detect the new type of malware. That's why there's a growing demand for affordable solutions that help to fight the spyware on heavily infected PC's without installing any additional software.

Portable anti spyware serves just that purpose.


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