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Dependency over mobile is increasing in our life. We store hundreds of valuable personal and professional data on mobile phones. There is a big concern between users related to security of data from getting into wrong hand. No one likes that his or her phone gets lost or stolen. There are many security applications for Smartphone which give you peace of mind from security threat. I am going to show you some of the popular security app for Android phone.


Lookout application is a complete security package for Android Phone. It gives you antivirus, firewall and intrusion prevention services. This application is very light. If your phone is lost or stolen simply login into the web interface and you can easily track down the location of your phone on map. You can also take back-up of all your Phone data remotely.


WaveSecure is very useful Android security application similar to Lookout. If in case you loose your phone you can lock down you mobile and it become useless for others. Mobile tracking facility like Lookout is also available in it. You can also take back-up of phone data remotely using web interface. One big feature which is not available in Lookout is you can also wipe all your data from phone remotely.


Protector is also Android security Application but it is quite different from Lookout and WaveSecure. It protects your mobile using password. Even you can also lock your app or any specific feature of our mobile application under password protection. Your mobile application will get completely protected and even to uninstall it you require pin code. It security feature is useful for many users.

A big drawback with these security apps is that there is no option for recover pin. If you lost or forget your pin code then you will find yourself in a big problem. So make sure you do not lose your pin code.

Kaspersky Mobile Security:

Kaspersky has extended their security software to smartphones, and their Mobile Security suite is currently one of the best performing app that would keep your smartphone clean from malware and other malicious codes.


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