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Many of us take advantage of the ability to back up our phone contents using a USB cable and connecting to our computers. While this is easy and convenient, it can also be another transmission route for malware that affects cell phones. Make sure the computer you connect to has adequate virus and spyware protection and that its definitions are up-to-date before hooking your mobile phone up to it. When it comes to smartphones, apps are all the rage. You can find thousands of different cool software applications, or apps, for your mobile phone online. Of course, hiding in any of these apps could be a Trojan virus that can infect your phone, doing who-knows-what to it.

Always be sure to download phone apps from reputable sources. If you aren't sure of the site offering the download be sure to do some more checking around the internet before downloading it. Perhaps another, well-known site offers it too. While mobile phone viruses and malware aren't currently a big threat it is wise to practice the four previously mentioned steps to ensure you stay safe now and in the future. You can be sure that infection rates will continue to climb just as they did with computers.

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